A Metal Roof That Will Not Rust

August 26, 2019

Can You Trust That Your Steel Roof Won’t Rust?

The short answer, here in Hawaii: No. That’s why we educate and supply home and commercial properties on quality, aluminum roofing.

We have been looking at topics about metal roofs that we often find that even contractors do not fully understand. In this post, we will talk about why steel roofing is not appropriate for our geography or climate. 

The best way to ensure rust protection is with a non-ferrous metal such as copper or aluminum that will never rust. This is why Aluminum Shake Roofing is a specialist in providing Classic Metal Roofing Systems products which are manufactured with recycled aluminum. 

And though there are appropriate applications for the lower price point of quality steel roofing elsewhere, it simply is not right for every use. 

This brief article by Todd Miller, Roofing and Home Improvement Expert, provides an explanation of steel roofing rust, and why steel roofs are not always the right choice for homeowners. Reading it, we’re confident you will agree that aluminum is a better investment for protecting your Hawaiian home.  

Why Steel Roofing Fails in Our Area

Our corrosive environment of salt and brackish water, and devastating storms is too much for even high-quality steel roofing to endure without rust. And that, along with poor performance, is an unsightly mess.

Please know that our team represents years of experience in roofing. We’re here and ready to help you make the very best roofing decision for your home or project.