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Metal Roofing and Increased Home Value

May 22, 2019

Beauty and Increased Home Value with Metal Roofing

The emotional side of things is that you want your home to be attractive, to be the haven of peace and beauty or charm that you enjoy. A visually pleasing home is also usually a home that sells faster and at a higher value. Here in Hawaii, where real estate is at a premium, the percentages of increased home value that can come from metal roofing amount to significant dollars.

For increased home value, a couple of things come into play when you invest in a quality metal roof installation:

  • Industry studies have shown that upgraded roofs add about 65% of their cost to a home’s value.
  • Because of metal’s durability, that becomes a lasting increase in home value, rather than one that declines rapidly as the roof deteriorates.

Today’s metal roofs offer you a wide range of styles and colors. In addition to traditional vertical seam roofs, there are products available that look like wood shakes and shingles. One of the most exciting things to happen to metal roofing in many years has been an increase in the number of “print coats” which are colors that feature patterns and multiple hues for a weathered look or even for a look similar to that of slate or tile. You will see some of these in our product lines from Classic Metal Roofing Systems.

Durability, Energy Savings and Reduced Maintenance for Increased Home Value

That’s an attractive reduction in on-going home expenses that can contribute to the value of your home.

An important statistic is a study that has shown that, when home improvements reduce a home’s operating cost, that makes the home more valuable to potential buyers. The statistic often quoted is that a home’s value increases by $20,000 for every $1,000 in reduced annual operating costs.

Protecting Your Investment

Here’s to looking to the future and the preservation of the important investment you’ve made in maintaining and improving your home. Our goal is always to bring you information and guidance that will lead you to decisions that are right for you and meet your financial goals. May we be of service?