New Roofing Trends are Here to Protect Your Investment

January 26, 2021

We often spend a great deal of time thinking about what we want to do to improve our homes and protect our investment in them. Of course, that comes with budgeting and planning—more thinking.

Whether building from the ground up, creating an addition, or replacing a roof, architects, building contractors, and homeowners have a lot to consider.

Do your plans include or require a new roof?

Roofing styles and trends are ever-changing. Choosing yesterday’s roof can leave a house dated, but the latest trend can have it looking current and modern, and protect your investment, well into the future.

To help choose the right roof, we tapped metal roofing expert, Todd Miller, for his advice on metal roofing trends. He gave us a full report on:

New Trends include low-pitched roofs and sleek lines, mixing of roofing materials and designs, and metal roofing colors of black, silver, gray, and bronze.

Timeless Trends of slate and wood shake are updated with the durability and energy-efficiency of metal. 

Technology Trends (yes, even for your roof!) impact materials, design, and how consumers buy a roof.

See how these roofing trends in color, materials, and design line up with the style and architecture of your home.  Here’s the full article.

You’ll find that Aluminum Shake Roofing accommodates each of these roofing trends TODAY.

Choosing the right roof will bring comfort, peace of mind, and protection to homeowners,  along with beauty and value to the house. Find out how we can be of assistance to you.