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2 Homes and 1 Metal Roofing Solution to Ventilation Problems

March 27, 2020

No matter the season, storms, water, and moisture can wreak havoc on your roof.  Here are the stories of 2 homes, far from Honolulu, with problems of water and moisture damage. Both can be remediated with proper ventilation, and the right metal roofing solution. 

Homeowners in our tropical climate can benefit from the experience of these 2 very distant and different dwellings, as we lean into the idea of creating healthy houses for the protection of those who live in them. 

First, we introduce you to Todd Miller, President of Isaiah Industries, which includes Classic Metal Roofing Systems. We at Aluminum Shake Roofing are pleased and proud to call Todd both friend and advisor. 

Notes from the Field

Todd Miller loves to visit homes in need of roofing solutions, across America. Last month, he visited two beautiful homes in beautiful settings. Here in Oahu, there are similar challenges of weather and climate that can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your home.

“I very much enjoyed visiting these two homes. It’s always important to consider situations very holistically, looking at all aspects of the structure. To that end, there’s nothing better than a personal site visit.”

– Todd Miller, President Isaiah Industries, home improvement, and roofing expert

Here is Todd’s tale of a 40-year old rambling ranch and a 15-year old 2-story log home with different roofing problems but similar solutions. 

The article includes:

  • Detailed descriptions of each home’s construction and issues
  • An explanation of the root problems of ventilation and design in easy to understand terms
  • A list of practical solutions

Here’s another link to the article.

Find a Metal Roofing Solution for Your Home

If you’re interested in protecting your home with a quality metal roofing system that solves and prevents problems of heat, wind, fire, rain, and rot, we can help.

And though it might not yet require a personal site visit, we offer a personal response to your questions about solving roofing and ventilation problems.