Roof Installation Quality Matters

August 28, 2021

When it’s time to buy a new roof, what do you think matters most? Of course, the material, color, and style all make a difference, but the installation will make or break a roof. 

“I’d rather have a well-installed roof with mediocre materials than a poorly-installed roof with great materials.” 

-Todd Miller, President of Classic Metal Roofing Systems

When buying a common, temporary asphalt roof, you might not ask much about your roof’s installation. It does require a lower level of skill, but if this is your choice, your contractor is responsible for installing it properly—questions about how, when, clean-up and workmanship warranties are still important to ask.

We invite you to learn more about hiring a roofing contractor and offer a video about proper installation. We think you’ll agree that local expertise and experience are important components of quality. 

Great Materials and Great Roof Installation

Our quality metal roofing styles offer the finest materials, color choices, and manufacturers’ product warranties. Our exceptional 7-Year warranty for installation is presented and explained with every estimate, and registered with every roofing installation. 

Aluminimum Shake Roofing’s quality workmanship from the very beginning through the life of the roof ensures your home or commercial property is protected. 

Metal roofs require specific skills, craftsmanship, and experience. We pay attention to the details of preparation, planning, and clean-up of each metal roof we install. We’re proud of our professional roofing teams and of the hundreds of maintenance-free, beautiful, permanent roofing solutions we’ve provided. 

Maintenance Free Metal Roofing Installed to Last and Protect

Don’t wait for the worst to happen. Plan ahead for the winds, rain, and storms that will challenge your roof.  Schedule a free consultation today. We’re delighted to help you find the very best roofing solution for your Oauhu property.