Zappone Copper Shingles

zappone copper shingle

Ohau’s Source for Copper Shingles

It’s not just for temples anymore. Sometimes, it just has to be copper shingles for your home, too. For a look of aging beauty sprung from the earth, our copper shingles offer patina and shine for a lifetime.

We’ve chosen copper shingles from Zappone for their durability, beauty, and value, and we think you may, too. This roofing material actually looks better with age. The patina process adds beauty and depth while protecting the metal from further oxidation.

Roofing for Special Buildings and Homes

  • Four-way interlocking solid copper shingle locks in place for strength.
  • Each shIngle is individually produced and inspected.
  • Maintains its beauty without chalking or fading.
  • Holds up to water, heat, and pressure.
  • 7-Year Workmanship Warranty.

Timeless beauty, natural richness, and proven quality only from Zappone and Aluminum Shake Roofing of Oahu, Hawaii.

We’re ready to talk with you about making the right roofing decision, no matter the style of architecture.